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Polar bear appearance As you may witness on the live polar bear camera, winter temperatures in the arctic can reach -50º F, with little sunlight and harsh winds.Polar bears are one of the few land mammals that can survive in this climate.Keep an eye out for distinctive characteristics on bear featured on the live polar bear cam.Polar Bears have developed incredible senses that allow them to live in arctic regions.Doesn't exactly agree with it originals to written test is now offered in more decades of experience to work together.

A long neck allows them to reach through ice and into the water while hunting.

However, they said the use of "genetically engineered" spiders from the live-action movie and the Ultimate continuity was more plausible.

Instead of radioactive venom, the bite would have to carry a powerful retrovirus (similar to HIV) that would spread through the body by taking over neighboring cells and actually becoming ingrained in the person's DNA.

Immediately after the bite, he was granted his original powers: primarily superhuman strength, reflexes, and balance; the ability to cling tenaciously to most surfaces; and a subconscious ability to sense everything in his surroundings, which he called a "spider-sense".

Several biologists on the History Channel's Spider-Man Tech special stated the effect of a radioactive spider bite (if any) would not be nearly enough to cause a mutation in a human body.


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