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Again, directors can give variety of family entertainers & come with unique formulae blending story to satisfy people from 6 to 60 yrs of age. The latter question is to satisfy audience and the former for the audience to be entertained. Again Thamazhan population is the one that Q's to the theatre no matter whatever the story is just to see how their hero has given dialogues/ dance & fight. Following that would be Tamil movies which has its own target audience of artistic creativity & masala formulae hits. I have seen movies of many Indian languages of which I find Bengali films to be of artistic nature.

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This mesmerising loop of swelling melody and harmonies beats anything on Dylan’s Blood on the Tracks for harsh truths about broken marriage, especially when Agnetha Fältskog wails in punch-drunk resignation: “The judges will decide/ The likes of me abide.” Björn Ulvaeus resolutely denied that it was about Agnetha’s and his 1979 divorce.

GM Listen on Spotify Adams’s insistence on singing about his seemingly endless playground crushes can get more than a little wearing, but this – like most of the Heartbreaker album – sounds suspiciously like the real deal.

Directors should be welcomed to experiment with bold topics as what they are doing in Hindi nowadays.

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