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Chaired by psychosexual therapist Kate Moyle, the event examined the future of sex tech and its impact on relationships, education, and healthcare.

It also featured sex tech journalist and Durex and Superdrug ambassador Alix Fox, as well as HER app global events and community manager Vivienne Errington-Barnes.

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Anyway, this all happened over three years ago, and everything turned out for the best.

She was certainly not a centerfold candidate, but no man in his right mind would kick her out of bed.

For example, more and more couples are taking their phones to bed with them, favoring technology over intimacy.

“If people are going to use technology in the bedroom, we thought, what can we bring into this space?

A portion of the discussion focused on how technology responds to social trends.

It is not in itself good or bad but, can be used positively or negatively.


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