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These days it's rarely heard on the door of your average club, so easy is it to email the venue beforehand and make sure your name's added to the guest list.

You no longer need to know someone who knows someone to skip the queue and get the VIP treatment.

The first is often linked to the company's stated dress code and whether you're following 'the rules'.

The second is far more vague and open to interpretation; it basically boils down to whether 'your sort' are welcome at the venue.

Guest lists aside, however, many a battle still goes on at the front of the queue between door staff and punters.

If you turn up on the off chance without pre-booking, whether you're let in usually revolves around two things: what you're wearing, or who you're with.

There's a lot to be said before we get back to the villa." Turning to Becca, he adds: "I mean, it's nice to see you but it couldn't be more weird that I'm sitting with a girl that I'm getting with and a girl I've had sex with." Raging about the information she's just found out, she replies: "Alright, stop reminding me, Jesus.

You'd think already having six former flames arrive in the Ex On The Beach villa would be enough torment to keep the Tablet of Terror locked up for a few weeks, right?

Er, WRONG, as that sneaky red international symbol of holiday hell is already all fired up with a brand new ex arrival - and this one is SURE to cause more fireworks than the Fourth of July.

In an exclusive spoiler video for the next episode (airing Tuesday 14th February - perfect Valentine's Day viewing, eh?

), we see Geordie Shore lad Aaron Chalmers coming face-to-face with Becca Edwards, 24, his ex who he says left him pretty heartbroken when she mysteriously upped and left for Australia.


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