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It came in handy when she landed “The Recipe” music video by Dr. During her time in Los Angeles, she has found driving a scary experience (as she’s used to driving on the other side of the road, in a “crappy Honda,” no less.) While she loves Los Angeles, even a beautiful girl like Emily says casting is “competitive and intimidating!

” On her webstagram, she said, “My normal is your never.” Emily Sears was invited by Hugh Hefner to the Playboy Mansion.

"Given my sexuality, I was quite surprised she married me in the first place. Perhaps she thought she could change me but in the end she realized she couldn't."I've dated bisexual men, and I found it heartbreaking to read that he was surprised someone would marry him, or that he expected his wife to want to change him.

I never considered anyone's bisexuality a reason to not date them, or viewed dating them as "brave."But I know my attitude doesn't reflect everyone's. I've heard the stereotypes about bi guys, and my experiences debunked all of them.

I straight men that they feel it's less socially acceptable for guys to explore same-sex attraction.

If it seems like bisexual men are scarce, that might be a big reason.

Featuring mesh sleeves and black and gold swirl embroidered details, this bodycon beauty has got party season written all over it!

Oh, and top points for the gold accessories As the nights draw in we think it's of the utmost importance to add a little bit of razzle dazzle to your after dark wardrobes.

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She was understanding and I will always be grateful to her," he said.In a photo-shoot, she admitted she’s a bit naughty and likes using whips, leather boots and skimpy lingerie. She has since grown to love her asset, though she would love to have a slim, tall supermodel frame.Also Check Out: A Gallery of Busty Babes When she’s home alone, she’s been known to shake her booty in the mirror.So with that in mind we'll be taking notes from Renee and opting for an LBD with a mighty twist.Check out the lookalike options from the high street we've lined up for you below.She was also in a promo for the reality TV show “Beauty & The Geek.” She made a video on You Tube asking people to ban the live export of animals. If you can’t hear the animals, hear us.” Emily Sears has lived in Los Angeles the past year, but does not yet call it home.


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