Error updating the password file android samba fileshare

This part bears repeating, as many people are confused on this point and try to create usernames and passwords to get Kodi to work with NFS: NFS does not use usernames or passwords as logins; it uses a UNIX-based "user ID" (UID) alone.Kodi supports RSS feeds as video and audio sources.- Connected or ability to connect to a functioning private (home) wireless or wired network.Add a device or computer to a network - The Windows user (Administrator is preferable) that has Kodi installed, requires a password to login.Step 2: On the File Sharing window, you will be asked to enter the name of the group you want to share the folder with. You may give Read or Read/Write permission to the share access depending on your needs. Step 3: Now you can opt for two types of sharing, either password protected or open.If you are on a secure home network, I would recommend you go for the open file sharing as it makes things a bit easier.Create a user account - Using a stable release of Kodi: Kodi Download The following procedure demonstrates how to establish a Homegroup within Windows 7 and how to share a file and/or folder.

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Every so often an update for Mac OS X comes out that seems to break the built-in SMB sharing in OS X.

While talking about the Air Droid for Android the other day, we discussed how you can use the application to manage your phone’s data and files from your PC using a Wi Fi connection. What if you wanted to access a folder on your Windows PC on your phone and edit the files present in it?

Of course using an online backup tool is an option but you might not want to put a folder there just because of the purpose of sharing on your phone.

One of the most convenient functions of Kodi is its ability to stream media from any networked PC (personal-computer).

On this page is a list of file sharing related pages/topics on the Kodi wiki.


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