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But for high-end collectors, these Porsches have the right blend of rarity and performance that cements their collector car status.Most examples are pristine and well taken care of, but have seen extensive track time.From then on, America’s taste for speed only matured.Though origins have been contested, experts generally agree the Oldsmobile 88 started the muscle craze in 1949 and foreshadowed a golden era of brawn that would capture the imaginations of motoring enthusiasts across all 52 states in the 1960s.If you want to buy something that sits below ,000 and stands out, get a Subaru BRZ or a Scion(Toyota) FRS.Both offer a low stance, rear wheel drive, and are accessible at most Subaru or Toyota dealerships.The insurance provider has picked fun cars that are poised to increase in value.

Thankfully, Hagerty is an expert in classic cars and has come out with its list of best classic cars to buy for 2017.While the American market may have been first, smaller muscle car markets have even emerged in Australia, South Africa and the UK.The epitome of muscle, the Pontiac GTO hit the scene with its functional hood scoop in 1964 and has been leaving its mark ever since.When the Plymouth Road Runner was first introduced in 1968, it had a base sticker price of only ,000.Of course, this 1969 model likely had some added "muscle." See more pictures of classic muscle cars. Throw a Rocky marathon on the TV and we’ll probably watch it. How else does an ex bodybuilding world champion get elected governor in a landslide vote.


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