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Tummy time is an important part of every baby's routine.

Not only does it help increase abdominal and neck strength, it will also help to keep pressure off of their skull.

Molding occurs in early infancy when your baby's skull is still soft and pliable.

This was advantageous for passage through the birth canal, but now outside of the womb, the weight of your infant's brain on their soft skull can cause soft spots on their head.

Some stories are already up on the web in a more complete form elsewhere; with the mother's permission, Kmom has linked to these sites and urges readers to click on the link and read the more complete story.

Big moms do have a higher cesarean rate, though many are probably unnecessary.

my pregnancy is almost over and i want to make a cast of my belly before the baby is born, i think it would be a good activity for me and my husband?

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The American Academy of Pediatrics does recommend that infants be placed on their back while sleeping to help prevent the occurrence of SIDS, so what can be done to help prevent positional molding?Though your baby should be placed on their back while sleeping, you can rotate the direction in which you lay your baby down as babies will sometimes turn their heads away from the wall when they sleep.This will avoid pressure being placed on the same spot every time they sleep.Both registration and sign in support using Google and Facebook accounts. Pregnancy books and most websites do not fulfill this need; mostly they are filled with warnings about "obesity" and pregnancy, admonitions not to get pregnant until you lose weight, dire predictions of disastrous pregnancies filled with complications, or horror stories designed to scare you into weight loss compliance.Sorry for being nosy, but I can't remember your history and I'm curious!


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