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They were from the time of Constantine the Great, indicating that the site was used in Roman times.

In the Middle Ages, the site is thought by many to have been an outpost of the large Cistercian monastery at Maenan, in the Conwy Valley.

The Rhos Fynach has centurys of history dating back to the middle ages.

Six Roman coins, in excellent condition, were found in the grounds of Rhos Fynach.

As well as restaurant and bar facilities, we are one of the few golf clubs with onsite accommodation, where we offer ‘stay and play’ packages.

Our friendly club atmosphere is welcoming to all members, day visitors, holidaymakers and golfing society competitors.

For services to the Administration of Justice and the Coroner Service.

I won't attempt to describe the route as Clive has done an admirable job in his report of the moderates ride.

Before I could draw breath we were off, with John W leading the way at a “steady” 20mph, obviously taking it easy to allow us to comfortably complete 100 miles!

Tom thought the pace might slow eventually but mused that if not we might arrive back at Waverton for lunch.

(Moor Park (Northwood), Hertfordshire) William (Billy) CONNOLLY, CBE For services to Entertainment and charity.

(East Sussex) Professor Hugh Charles Jonathan GODFRAY, CBE Hope Professor of Zoology, University of Oxford.


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