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One reading of Sonnet 129, left me saying to Greg “I never realised Shakespeare was writing for an age of Grindr, Tinder and Kinder”.Cyril Nri is an actor who trained at the Bristol Old Vic Theatre School in the same era as Greg Doran.The elephant armour was designed and constructed by Terry English, a famous armourer who has worked on several famous films including the Harry Potter series.The cannon named the Lantaka cannon is considered to be one of the oldest examples of a cannon on display dating from 1450 salvaged from an early modern Dutch Naval vessel.

Captain David Judson House was listed on the National Register of Historic Places on March 20, 1973.

The first floor, now the cellar, is above ground level and contains a massive central stone chimney which was built with lug poles.

It is believed that the cellar was used as slave quarters during the early 18th century.

The museum contains the personal arms and armour collection of James Wigington and is open to the public.

The Wigington family arrived in Warwickshire around 1750.


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