Zildjian avedis dating

This is common on EAK cymbals, but there are also EAKs that have the words written in right side up.

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Family members in Istanbul were changing their name to “Zilcan” and Turkey only started to use an adopted version of the Latin alphabet in 1928.

Also Zildjian (” زــلجـيان “) below has the /l/ (“‎‫ل ‬ “) is sort of packed on top of the [dʒ] (” جـ “) in the stamp.

The first A Zildjian cymbals tend to be very small (8″ to 12″) and paper thin. Though they mainly produced splash cymbals, a few china-type early zildjians are known to exist. The first stamp is the only one to include the cymbalsmith’s signature under the bell.

The same stamp was used for machine made cymbals in the following years.

Ironically, the Arabic text translates to “Avedis Zildjian” while the English says “K Zildjian & Co.” and this is the same combo of Arabic and English that the Zildjian company uses today.


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